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 Rorre is a rock band born in San Diego, CA

It wasn’t long until some of their demos were heard and people fell in love with what Rorre was making.  Impressed with their potential, local legendary San Diego rock band Switchfoot offered them their private studio to record their inaugural E.P. “Songs in Transit.”  The mates were then able to call upon the talented Jesse Dorman of the band Hawai to produce their record.  Dorman, who has worked with Tyson Motsenbocker, Almost Monday, Scott Ruth, J. Thoven and many more, helped bring exactly what Rorre needed to say to the world.  And with the finishing touches of Tanner Sparks, who sports an impressive engineering resume including Switchfoot, Jon Foreman and Weezer, Rorre’s music was only ever going to be a sound that demanded to be heard.

Listen to Rorre and you will hear a powerful and familiar sound that takes you on a journey throughout musical history.  If Songs in Transit were a dish, it’s recipe would call for music from all genre’s and its flavor would remind you of bands like Oasis, Radiohead, Tom Petty and many others.  Their newest single, “You Never Say Goodbye,” is a perfect example of a song that reminds of us the great era of 90’s rock and roll

See/listen for yourselves.